Carpet tiles




Carpet tiles are a great flooring solution for any space, but particularly well suited to offices and open spaces. The modular nature of this type of floor covering means that waste is keep minimal and is therefore a cost effective flooring solution.

With never ending different colours and patterns to choose from, you may find yourself struggling to pick which carpet tile is right for you. Our experienced team will talk through your requirements and budget, and be able to help advise on what is best suited for your needs.

Sheet carpet



We can source and supply a whole range of carpets, from the practical, family friendly bleach cleanable range, perfect for housing, to the more luxurious deep piled Park royal ranges ideally suited to the hotel, leisure and pub industries.

Again our team will be on hand to recommend the most durable cost effective solution for your needs. Should you have a large area to be carpeted, we can even work with you to develop your very own carpet that would be unique to your individual tastes.

Luxury vinyl tiles LVT



LVT is becoming more and more popular in the flooring world. With technologies evolving LVT industries are able to produce a vinyl tile that aesthetically replicates the appearance and feel of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Luxury vinyl tiles are often chosen for high traffic areas because of their durability and ease of maintenance. LVT's have a high resilience to abrasion and impact damage and can be repeatedly refinished with cleaning solutions and mechanical buffing equipment. Another benefit is that single tiles can be easily removed and replaced if damaged. We strongly recommend the use of LVT's as a much more cost effective alternative to wooden or ceramic floors.


Safety vinyl

Safety vinyl is great for creating safe but attractive interiors for commercial or domestic areas where there is a greater need for the assurance of slip resistance, For specialist areas such as wet rooms where the floor is more lightly to be subject to water the vinyl can be formed at the edges to create a water tight skirting solution. Along with having a great choice of colours and effects to choose from the safety vinyl offers great durability and is favored for its ease of maintenance. 

Entrance matting


Your entrance is the ideal place to promote yourself and a good opportunity to create first impressions. Entrance matting is also  a fundamental element to ensuring the rest of your floors are protected from outdoor dirt and grime and can reduce up to 95% of dirt and moisture being walked into the building. The right matting system will extent the life of your interior floors, meaning less maintenance and saving you money.

Depending on the size of your entrance and the specific traffic you receive through it, we can recommend a system that will work for you.

Wall cladding

PVC wall cladding is rapidly becoming more popular due to its durability and hygienic properties. With a range of different colours to choose from its also easy to create a unique and great looking installation. Unlike wall tiles PVC cladding does not need grout, meaning grime and bacteria have nowhere to grow. With its smooth wipe clean surface PVC cladding is the ideal choice for kitchen or bathroom installations, or anywhere where hygiene matters.